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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Having 50+ Years of experience in the same industry, we recognize quality as a differentiator and that is why we ensure it remains our focal point for every aspect of business.

We ensure:

  • We well document the process, so that the management philosophy is adhered across the level
  • Use of IT aplication which enable us to respond to client as per the requirement
  • We attract and retain best talent
  • We provide regular training to our staff on current industry trends, latest designs etc., which enables us to provide a high level of customer satisfaction

Rejection Policy / Breakage Policy

As every customer is important to us and to ensure interest of every client we follow certain rules:

  • In case of color differentiation, we accept the product back only if product do not have any scratches.
  • In case of any color differentiation, due to any reason if tiles get wet, products ares not taken back.
  • Seal broken packages/ loose products, are not taken back.
  • We ensure a thorough checking of box packed products along with client. Any breakage happens during loading at customer's place, we do not accept back.
  • We encourage our client's to read all terms and condition written on the box before using the product. In case of not following the terms, product is not taken back.
  • We help clients in making calculation of requirement. Extra/left-out products are not taken back.