Marble is a natural stone/rock, and it’s been formed through a process called Metamorphism, in which long underground rocks endure high heat and extreme pressure, which transforms them into newer rocks.

Marble comprises Limestone and Carbonate Minerals (calcite or dolomite). This stone comes in various colors. The different shades of Marble are due to the mixture of various other minerals and elements into the composition during the process of Metamorphism. 

Pure Marble is entirely white, and it’s also referred to as White Marble. White Marble is a famous and popular stone used for centuries, and Egyptians and Greeks were known to build structures and monuments in Marble. 

Even today, Marble has retained its value and importance. It’s widely used in construction and to design home and office spaces. Marble is sought after for its elegant, timeless, and sophisticated look, and it’s also one of the most expensive stones. 

Marble Floor Tiles 

Marble Floor Tiles showcase an unparalleled beauty and elegance, which no other natural stone of tiles can offer. These tiles belong to a high-end range of tiles; however, they are not as durable as Granite, Ceramic, or Vitrified Tiles.  

While installing Marble Tiles, one has to be careful as they are heavy and prone to breakage. They are even susceptible to scratches, scraping, and chipping. This is because Marble is a relatively soft stone. However, these floor tiles can handle heavy footfall once installed. Marble Floor Tiles have a long lifespan duration and require considerable care.

If you install Marble Floor Tiles, you should be wary and aware of a few things. Marble Tiles are fairly porous, and therefore they absorb moisture and allow water to penetrate through them, which could discolor the tiles.  

These tiles even react to various food items, cleaning products, beverages, etc. This can permanently change the color of the tiles. One can prevent this by applying a layer of chemical sealants at installation and annually to protect the tiles. 

Marble floor tiles are used in bathrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, and bedrooms. One should avoid placing these tiles in the kitchen, where food products may spill on the floor, causing discoloration of the tiles. 

Marble Floor Tiles Design 

Each Marble floor tile is unique. This is because Marble Tiles are naturally formed and then cut into different pieces and slabs. This also ideates that no two tiles have the same look. But despite this, Marble Flooring has a grandeur look and feel to it. 

Thus while selecting Marble Floor Tiles, ensure that you buy from a single lot. This way, all the tiles have a similar look and color, giving your space a homogeneous look. Also, make sure to buy extra tiles in case of breakage, which is common during installation.  

Marble Floor Tiles come in varied colors, and this is due to different metals and chemicals mixing up during the metamorphism process, giving the marble distinctive color and shade. Though White Marble Flooring is famous and known, colored marble flooring also greatly appeals to home and office owners. 

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White Marble Flooring 

White Marble is a sustainable option for flooring, and it also grants a luxurious and graceful look to the space. White Marble flooring amplifies the interiors of an office or a home. 

White Marble Flooring is placed in various locations such as bathrooms, living rooms, dining areas, gardens, bedrooms, and entrance areas. 

White Marble Tiles are often cut and carved in varied sizes and shapes to fit every kind of requirement. White Marble Tiles can also be treated with various finishes (glossy, high-glossy, rustic, and satin) to give distinctive looks and feels. 

The varied finishes on the White Marble Tiles give them extra protection against wear and tear scratches, and it lets the tile maintain its rich look longer and makes the marble tiles easier to clean. 

Vitrified Marble Tiles 

Vitrified Marble Tiles means that these tiles have been produced by firing a compound of silica, feldspar, quartz, and clay at high temperatures and then depressed in the Hydraulic Pressing Machine. 

However, these tiles are digitally printed or designed to look like real marble tiles during the production process. Therefore, these tiles are cheaper than real marble tiles. 

Though they have all the advantages of Vitrified Tiles such as – low porosity, ease to clean, and minimum maintenance. These Marble Vitrified Tiles are also highly durable and can embrace heavy loads. These tiles are simple to install and provide a homogenous look as each tile looks alike. 

La Optionz, Bhavnagar sells varied-sized Vitrified Marble Tiles. These tiles are available in sizes starting from 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800, 600mmx1200mm, and 800mmx1600mm. 

Marble Tiles for Living Room, Kitchen, Outdoors, Bedroom, and Office 

Marble Floor Tiles have a multi-functional look and suit every kind of space. They brighten up the area and exude richness, elegance, and sophistication. 

Therefore these tiles are ideal for placements in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, outdoors (garden), and offices. 

Marble Tiles Prices

As Marble is a top and extravagant natural stone with limited availability, it makes Marble Tiles pricey, and they cost more than the regular Ceramic or Vitrified Tiles.  

Varied Marble Tiles cost differently. The White Marble Tiles, pure and singular in color, cost the most. The Marble Tiles with mineral impurities are cheaper but still expensive. 

Also, Marble Tiles cut and carved in different shapes cost more, as this stone is precious and requires extra care. The type of finish you choose for your Marble Floor Tiles also decide the cost of the Marble Tiles you purchase. 

Now that you are aware of the various factors involved in pricing the Marble Tiles, you can easily choose the best option for you. If you need additional help, La Optionz has experienced staff who can give you proper guidance and assist in helping you select the right Marble Tile for your space.   

Marble Shop Near Me 

La Optionz has multiple outlets throughout Bhavnagar, where you can check out and purchase Marble Floor Tiles. La Optionz has a wide variety of Marble Floor Tiles in varied colors. The textures and colors range from White Marble Tiles to colored and textured Marble Tiles. 

The Marble Flooring Tiles of La Optionz are available in the best quality and reasonable rates. These floor tiles can easily elevate the look of your office or home space. You won’t find such rich and elegant-looking Marble Floor Tiles anywhere else! 

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