Floor Tiles are an important part of most house renovations, as we all know. Tiles may set the tone, color, and style of a room, and if installed properly, they can give it a polished, glossy, finished look. Let’s not go into it if it’s done incorrectly!

Why is it important to select the right tiles for your home?

Choosing the right floor tiles needs some thought before you make a purchase. Finding the perfect tiles isn’t easy! Tiling a room is an expensive investment, and you may be stuck with your tile choice for a long time because it isn’t a work that should be done overnight.

There are some things you need to know before making any costly investment in tiles. When it comes to renovating the home with beautiful floor tiles, careful planning and research are always required. With so many floor tile styles and patterns to choose from, it might be difficult to decide where to start from. So don’t worry we are to help you walk you through different types of floor tiles for selecting the best floor tiles for your multiple home space, in this blog post.

Types of Floor Tiles

Learn more about best floor tiles before remodeling your project space:

Ceramic Floor Tiles – Ceramic floor tiles are formed of clay and are attractive because of their long lifespan and resistance to damage  and scrapes. They’re the most common tile flooring choices. Ceramic floor tiles are often used in locations with a lot of foot movement because of their amazing longevity. Because these floor tiles come in a range of colors, the design choices are endless. Ceramic floor tiles are always popular and are being used more often. 

Porcelain Floor Tiles – Porcelain floor tiles are composed of a denser clay than ceramic and are treated at significantly greater temperatures than ceramic. This, of course, makes them more durable and damage-resistant. Porcelain floor tiles are available in both polished and unpolished finishes, making them suitable for a variety of household and commercial uses. You can go through an online porcelain floor tiles collection or visit our La Optionz showroom located in Bhavnagar.

Vitrified Floor Tiles – Vitrified floor tile is a type of ceramic tile with a very low porosity. This floor tile is frequently used as a substitute for marble and granite floor tile. It is most known for its water resistance, and as a result, it is used outside to protect against water.These vitrified floor tiles stain and scratch resistance and can be utilized both indoors and out. They’re ideal options for high-traffic areas and commercial use, and they’re also easy to keep clean. Checkout La Optionz vitrified floor tiles collection online or visit our showroom for more info.

Floor Tiles for Different Rooms of House

If we desire to have tiles on our home floors, we must first consider the various floor tiling ideas that we can create for separate rooms in our house. It is essential that we choose the correct tone for it in order for the room to appear more pleasant. Remember that replacing tiles isn’t easy if you’re unhappy with the result. We have to remove the entire tile flooring in order to replace it with a new one.

Floor Tiles for Living Room

The living area is where we normally invite visitors or guests to stay. After a long day, we frequently gather here to rest. It can also be used as a formal hallway or a family room. If we’re looking for the most efficient way to tile the floor of our living room, La Optionz floor tiles are the best option for floor tiling solutions. It is the greatest option because it will create a welcoming atmosphere for different rooms of your home. Ceramic floor tiles can also be used, however they might be rather cold during the winter months. Even without the use of rugs, the wood floor tiles can stay warm during the winter months. For the living room floors, flawlessly finished wood floor tiles will be more attractive and you will find the best collections of ceramic floor tiles and wood floor tiles at La Optionz.

Floor Tiles for Kitchen Room

The kitchen is where we plan our meals for our family. Along these lines, there can be a significant amount of chaos in the air at times. When choosing floor tiles for the kitchen, choose those that are easy to maintain and clean. La Optionz ceramic floor tiles would be the finest option for your kitchen. If you use ceramic floor tiles in your kitchen then you can easily wipe out the cooking stains. Other types of floor tiles might be very difficult to clean, and stains will not be removed quickly. So, to give a stylish finish to your kitchen, La Optionz ceramic tiles are best for your kitchen.

Floor Tiles for Bedroom

The bedroom should always convey a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Because this is where we spend our time by sleeping or relaxing, the designs must always be calming and pleasing to the eye. La Options plain ivory floor tiles are the greatest option when it comes to choosing a floor tile for a bedroom space. They have plain ivory floor tiles with mild hues that aren’t overpowering. For this, we can use distinct colors. You can also find carpet floor tiles with a variety of hues at La Optionz showroom in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. La Optionz ivory floor tiles are best and attractive for your bedroom space.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Choosing bathroom floor tiles is an easy process. You can simply go with La Optionz bathroom floor tiles that are not difficult to clean and are not slippery when exposed to water. Inside the bathroom, you can opt for colorful floor tiles also. If you need the attractive 3D look for your bathroom space then you can try the La Optionz 3D floor tiles for your bathroom space to give a more appealing look.

However, if you desire different floor tile designs for your rooms, you should come to our La Optionz showroom in Bhavnagar and check our floor tiles collections.

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