Tiles and their designs play an important role in adding style and enhance the overall look of the space in order to give your home or commercial space a touch of elegance and uniqueness. La Optionz, as one of India’s top tile companies, strives to provide you with surface solutions that are the ideal combination of modern technology, innovation, and visual appeal. We’ve recently been working on a surface solution that combines and accomplishes the goal by giving your home an elegant and colorful look that it never had before. Introducing La Optionz exclusive and stylish range of sugar finish tiles only for luxurious project spaces.


If you want some very eye-catching tiles to give your home or commercial space a unique appeal, then sugar finish tiles are the ideal option. Sugar finish tiles have a rough finish that is made through using a special tiles making method. Furthermore, although the price of sugar finish tiles is quite higher than that of glossy or matte finish tiles, it is still affordable than other tiles. Sugar finish tiles are affordable and accessible than any other tiles due to the unique and innovative manufacturing method they use, but they are well worth the investment.

Changing the entire appearance of a space is quite a difficult task, but it can be made easier by selecting the best suitable tiles for various spaces of your project or home. If you want a particularly luxurious and sophisticated look, sugar finish tiles are the perfect option. Due to its distinctive flickery surface these tiles make any area of your space most appealing. Furthermore, these tiles are stain and scratch resistant, and they do not absorb moisture.

These tiles are resistant to heavy foot activity and can tolerate any type of mechanical damage. Not only that,its flickering surface qualities, make these tiles less slippery and safer in homes for elderly or children. Sugar finish floor tiles are a great choice for living rooms, pool decks, balconies, porches, bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and backyards, among other places. These tiles have a porcelain or vitrified body, ensuring that they are one of the most long-lasting tiles available at La Optionz.

These sugar finish tiles are made by putting them through a hydraulic press and then glazing them. A sugar finish is applied to the tile surface, which enhances scratch resistance while also adding a distinct shine on its surface. These sugar finish special effects are created by combining two types of imported granules in a certain ratio based on the surface requirement and applying them to the surface using modern nano technology. Sugar-like clear granules are applied on the tile and then heated in the process. These granules melt inside the tile and form a glittering coating on top, making it look more sparkling and shining.

Its scratch resistance and surface sparkle are seamlessly fused into these sugar finish tiles. This range of sugar finish tiles has higher resistance, which avoids slipping, and the surface shine is more realistic. It can be used for both interior and exterior styling in high-traffic areas.

La Optionz Sugar Finish Tiles is Relevant for – 

La Optionz Sugar finish tiles can be used in a variety of locations or environments, including the home, commercial and the workplace. These tiles can be used in a variety of spaces, including a living room, bedroom, pool deck, balcony, backyards, schools, workplace, malls, office, restaurants, gardens, and restrooms. The most important feature is that these tiles are not slippery due their rough surfaces, making them one of the non-slippery tiles offered at La Optionz, especially suitable for toddlers and senior citizens.

Affordable Sugar Finish Tiles by La Optionz

These tiles are made by using nano-tech modern technology, which makes them slightly more expensive than other types of tiles available in the market. These tiles have a rough surface that makes them anti-skid. The glossy and matte finishes, on the other hand, are less expensive than the sugar finish floor tiles but their surfaces are slippery as compared to sugar finish tiles. On the basis of durability, sugar finish tiles are more durable and stronger then gloss and matte finish tiles. 

Numerous Sugar Finish Tiles at La Optionz


All of the tiles at La Optionz are unique in their own way, with differences in size, color, texture, design, material, and finishes. Sugar finish tiles are available in a wide range of properties at La Optionz showroom in Bhavnagar. This tile has a sugar rough coating and is made of glazed vitrified base. This tile is very simple to clean and does not require a long time. Furthermore, this tile can be utilized as in high-foot traffic areas. This tile, on the other hand, is resistant to stains and scratches, and it does not absorb water or get wet.

Sugar Finish Tiles with Tile Visualizer Demo – La Optionz

There is no doubt in how people usually loved and always preferred La Optionz sugar finish tiles because of their unique surface appeal. La Optionz has given the dynamic touch of stability and fashion to their sugar finish tiles to create a line that can convey both stylish and urban elegance in one go. Sugar finish tiles are all about a clean finish, attractive designs, and a soft background. With multiple ranges of sugar finish tiles La Optionz also provides the tile visualizer tool that is available at their showroom. This tile visualizer helps customers to enhance the buying experience by allowing them to visualize virtually any space. Now client’s can try out various tile options before purchasing that too at zero cost. 

If you want to give your home an stylish look that will impress your guests, La Optionz – one of India’s leading tile suppliers that has a particular range of sugar finish tiles designed just for you. In order to know, visit La Optionz website and go through various sugar finish tiles collections or you can visit La Optionz showroom in Bhavnagar and avail the exclusive offers and deals.

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