It’s just as important to have a thought about the finish of a tile as it is to think about the color, shape, and size of the tiles by selecting the tiles for your home or office. Are you looking for light-absorbing tiles, high-reflective tiles, or something in between? What about slippery tiles or texture? There are amazing collections of tile finishes available, many of which are developed for specific applications. It’s crucial to grasp the distinctions, when they should be employed, and how they’ll affect the design of the space.


When you visit our La Optionz showroom in Bhavnagar, our experts will assist you through the beautiful collection of tile finishes and ensure that you select the right tile for your layout and requirement. Size, shapes, materials matters but finish of tiles matters the most when it comes to the texture and appearance of the tiles. When you think about the appearance of the tiles, the finish of tiles matters the most because it gives countless appearances to the tiles. To know more about tile finishes refer to this article.

However, for those of you who like to go a little deeper, we’ve put up a list of the tile finishes that are currently available at our showroom in Bhavnagar – 

  1. Satin Finish tiles
  2. Sugar Finish Tiles
  3. Rustic Finish Tiles
  4. Lappato Finish Tiles

To magnify the overall look of your living spaces you need to plan according to the tile finishes that helps you select the best tiles for your spaces. Tile finishes are somewhat rough on a surface due to the manufacturing process that makes them anti-slippery and stain resistant.

So there are some tile finishes you should know before selecting the tiles for your living spaces.

Satin finish tile – Satin finish tiles, often known as satin tiles, are non-reflective and have smooth or texture surfaces. Usually they have hard and powdered surfaces that make these tiles non reflective. They’re made to absorb light rather than reflect it, so they’re the totally opposite of polished or glossy finish tiles. Due to this non reflective property they have smooth surfaces and a modern look. Satin finish tiles are more anti-slippery than other polished and glossy tiles and are the most simple finish for our interior flooring, as well as on the walls. Satin finish tiles are available in a variety of textures and anti-slippery at our La Optionz showroom. These satin finish tiles can be used in bathroom floor tiles or in living areas. Due to its anti-slippery quality they can be utilized in parking or outside areas too.

Sugar finish tiles – Sugar finish tiles come with granules rough surfaces that are created through a special manufacturing process. Sugar finish tiles are generally affordable than the satin finish tiles. The exclusive advanced manufacturing process that is used in the sugar finish tiles making process makes them a bit more expensive than other tiles. Sugar finish tiles provide a high class and lavish look to your spaces and they are best when it comes to transforming your places. Due to their granules and rough surfaces they are the most attractive and popular among finish tiles. These tiles are anti-stain and anti-scratch in nature. These sugar finish tiles are best for all kinds of spaces like commercials, living room, offices, bathroom, porches, and outdoor.


Rustic finish tiles – Rustic finish tiles are characterized by classic old building style and these tiles are generally made of unfinished or roughly finished wood. Rustic finish tiles can be used in a variety of home applications and these tiles are heavenly inspired by nature. This rustic finish is made with the help of nano-technology by staining and molding the natural stone or clay to give them an authentic look and smooth finish. Rustic finish tiles are popular due to their imperfection. These tiles vary according to its shape, size and look because they add a natural look and authentic style that makes them soft, distressed surfaces. Because of its stylish authentic look it can be used in living, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom space and it also serves as backsplash material in kitchen spaces. You will find a variety of designs and textures in rustic finish tiles only at our La Optionz showroom located in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. 

Lappato finish tiles – Semi-polished or semi glossy is another term for a lappato finish tile. These Lappato finish tiles are partially polished then the fully polished tiles. They are partially polished so they are less reflective. They’re usually made by using modern technology by creating a mix of polished and unpolished surfaces. This process gives them a special look and comes in glazed or rough surfaces. It gives a modern finish that looks great on both floors and walls. They’re the ideal mix of polished and matte tiles, with a greater gloss than matt but a softer touch than standard polished tiles. Due to its rough and polished surfaces this lappato finish tiles can be used in Kitchen and bathroom walls.

La Optionz has a huge selection of tile finishes that are intended to reflect your taste and meet your demands. Our selection includes a variety of tile finishes that allow you to customize the look of your house and commercial spaces. Our quality tile finishes are available in different sizes, shapes and patterns to meet our customers’ requirements and surface solutions demands. Adding further we help our customers to discover multiple collections of tiles with different tile finishes. With our high quality of tile finish and our top-notch customer support helped us achieve success in the tiles industry and among our competitors. The unique quality of our tile finish will ensure that stylish tiles will remain modern and stylish for a very long time. Go through India’s top tiles provider company- La Optionz with expertise in tile finish and surface solutions. While owing to a huge variety of surface solutions like tile finish, beautiful tiles that satisfy our customers with quality surface solution, and services as per the latest trends. To know, visit La Optionz website or you can visit La Optionz showroom located in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

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