Ceramic Tiles by La Opitonz are inspired by bright and stylish designs. They shine in their power as keepers of the indoor surfaces while producing a rich and bold impression of an interior environment. Ceramic Tiles, by virtue of their boldness, stand firm in their commitment to durability, keep focused on the goals of preserving interior surfaces from damage, speak volumes about their unique finishes, and glitter in the pride of contributing to the beauty of an interior design.

Contemporary chandeliers, dynamic textured walls and ceiling hues, eye-catching fixtures such as mirrors, multi-colored wall art pieces and carpets, distinctive choices of textiles for furniture, and floor-to-ceiling cupboards are all part of a strong interior motif. Tiles play a significant role in bringing the extravagance of a dramatic interior design to life, thus choosing the proper tile color and texture for interior space is crucial.

La Optionz Tiles

Tiles from La Optionz that are suitable for both floors and walls come in multiple variants. La Optionz tiles effortlessly integrate with bold interior designs that call for modest matt finish tiles to match other design components that tell the story of the theme’s interior décor.

Floor tiles have an earthy charm that harkens back to nature’s origins. Earthy tones work well for both floor and wall tiles in any interior design concept, producing a warm and welcoming effect that never goes out of style and is in one with nature.

La Optionz Tiles is one of India’s leading tile manufacturers, employing world-class technology and using only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that we deliver tiles of consistently high quality. La Optionz Tiles is part of the prestigious Saurashtra Group, which has over 44+ years of experience in the construction industry. To maximize our production capacities, we continually invest in cutting-edge technology.

We offer one of the biggest ranges of highly functional and aesthetically beautiful floor and wall tiles with a wide variety of tile patterns and tile finishes in the Indian market, thanks to stringent quality procedures in place and a passion to deliver only the best products to our clients.

La Optionz tiles have earned quite a name for themselves in the flooring market over the last decade, surpassing previously popular flooring materials such as marble, granite, or terracotta – and rightfully so!

When compared to most other options, La Optionz tiles have an advantage in a number of areas. Digital printing technology has proven to be a major player in this business, allowing La Optionz tiles to be produced in an almost numerous number of designs and options. When it comes to fully display your style, the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few reasons why La Optionz tiles are the best flooring option:

Quality – La Optionz tiles are a high-quality product since they are created with exceptional raw materials and have a water absorption rate of up to 0.5 percent. Natural stones like marble or granite, on the other hand, can vary in quality, while wooden floors require a lot of upkeep to endure a long time. However, because La Optionz tiles are manufactured, they are consistent in size, color, and performance. La Optionz ceramic tiles are exceptionally sturdy and durable, making them perfect for commercial environments with high foot traffic such as malls or offices.

Durability – Despite being thinner in contrast to ceramic or granite, all varieties of La Optionz tiles are more durable. They have a far better mechanical strength and, with minimal care, look brand new even after years of usage. They are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant, as well as able to withstand regular heavy loads, making them an excellent choice for any environment. The longevity and quality of vitrified tiles are enhanced by their long-term color, texture, and gloss permanence.

La Optionz Tiles

Safe and Easy to Maintain – La Optionz tiles’ stain and water resistance do much of the work of keeping them clean without the need for external intervention. La Optionz tiles are the greatest tiles because they are also extremely hygienic; their anti-bacterial and allergen-resistant properties prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on them, resulting in a sanitary home atmosphere. Their anti-skid feature also reduces the likelihood of an accident.

Different Range – You can choose from a variety of designs, depending on your intended installation location. La Optionz’s vitrified tiles, for example, are suited for high-traffic areas such as industries or offices, whereas glazed vitrified floor and wall tiles are less thick and suitable for domestic usage. You may create the beautiful style you’ve always wanted for your area with digital printing and a selection of finishes. High-gloss, matt, sugar, carving, and wood-punch matt finishes are among the latest La Optionz tile designs available.

Cost-effective – Traditional flooring options such as marble, granite, and wood are more expensive than vitrified tiles. They’re also simple to maintain, which will help you save money in the long run. These tiles also have a faster and less expensive installation technique than others.

La Optionz Tiles are the favored option when it comes to choosing the latest floor tiles or wall tiles because they are constructed from high-quality raw materials and manufactured utilizing cutting-edge world-class technology. La Optionz tiles come in a variety of finishes, patterns, and colors, giving you the opportunity to create your own design.

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