Experience You Can Trust
About Us

At La Optionz, our designs are an opportunity to continue expressing the story you want to tell the world. Unexpected expressions inspire creativity, and designing something means adding worth and meaning to the current decor.

Features And Benefits
What Makes Us Standout​

La Optionz is a prominent tile and building material provider in India, with patterns that enlighten, dignify, and even dramatize your surroundings. We easily turn your spaces from prose to poetry using our one-of-a-kind tailored solutions.

Exclusive & Premium Solutions

We have the most attractive and extensive variety of excellent, premium building construction materials and tiles around the world.

Unique & World-Class Designs

Our bespoke designs take away the obvious and replace it with meaningful, employing unique and cutting-edge concepts that seamlessly integrate across our whole product line.

Experienced Artists

We have some of the top artists working on unique designs on tiles and sanitary ware, which are sure to grab your interest and inspire you in every way.

We are delighted to be one of the country’s major importers of premium Ceramic, Floor Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Bathroom Fittings, Plumbing Materials, and Kitchen Accessories.

Worldwide Reach
Our Global Vision

With our distinct building materials and sanitaryware line, La Optionz strives to maintain a sense of quality and exclusivity.

Our Business
Stand Out From The Rest


  • Rapid increase of the company’s network store.
  • Working hard every day towards customer satisfaction.


  • No Hidden Costs
  • Many free Deliveries.
  • Different price ranges based on our customers’ preferences.


  • Over 40 years of experience in the business
  • Ensuring improvement in the promising success.
Journey Behind La Optionz
Our Legacy

Increasing our presence from across India to across the World

Saurashtra Sanitary Stores was founded by Shri Asgarali Lokhandwala.
Acquired the Decora Ceramic company dealership.
Gained distributorship for the whole of the Saurashtra region.
Gained 25+ dealer network with 10,000+ satisfied customers
Established the New Showroom
Acquired distributorship of 20+ Reputed Leading companies of India
Established 2 luxurious showrooms with Warehouse
Achieved 1 lakh+ satisfied customers with 300+ products over 85+ companies
Established New Showroom at Navagam & Sidsar­­
Inauguration of new store chain Emcer studio by LaOptionz
Greatest Asset
Our People And Community

We always consider your choices and wants, and keep ourselves updated with your changing demands to provide you with the best service possible! Our store has everything you need, at the best, most competitive prices. You’ll never have to think twice about having to shop with us!

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